Introducing the new Castlevania

Castlevania has undergone a complete redesign, here is a list of the new updates and features:

1. You can now easily view Castlevania on any Mobile Device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, etc). The site will change shape automatically to fit your Smart Phone, no matter what the screen size is.

2. Cleaner layout, with easier to read text. Every single page has been gone over on the redesign, to fix any errors and optimize for better viewing.

3. Castlevania has moved to a much better server, which means faster loading times for the pages and images.

4. Shorter URL's for all the pages. For example, the Symphony of the Night home page URL used to be, now it is just All the old URL's are automatically forwarded to the new ones, in case you are still using older page addresses.

5. The Search Engine has been improved for easier searching including game abbreviations. You can type "sotn" in the Search Engine to bring up every page that mentions Symphony of the Night, or type "cv3" for any page that mentions Dracula's Curse. Click here for a complete list of all game abbreviations used for this site.

6. Advance Search added for popular pages like Enemies, Maps, Sprites, etc. Click here for more information on the Advance Search feature.

7. At the bottom of every single page is a menu for easy access to all 41 Castlevania games that are covered on this site.

8. Toward the bottom of every page (except the home page) is a section called Latest Site Updates. Now you can view the recent updates no matter where you are at on the site.

9. All pages that display Enemies, Equipment, etc, are now much easier to read and follow, and you can view them easily no matter what your screen size.

10. Even the Castlevania Flash Games page has been improved. You may need to use a 3rd party Flash Browser to play the flash soundboards and games on Mobile Devices though.

11. Mobile users who don't have access to Flash wont be left out from playing soundboards too long, as Mobile Castlevania Soundboards will be coming this month, and no app or download will be needed either.

There is a lot more great stuff coming soon as well. You may have noticed a new link at the top menu called History, that page will be expanded soon. Also a Castlevania Timeline will be added that details the history of the series. It will be an official Castlevania Timeline that will include all CV games.